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November 17, 2020No Comments

On the Boards: UF Student Health Care Center

At the project outset, visioning projected a fresh Student Health Care Center which would feel welcoming, innovative, and student-centric. The new SHCC would embody wellness in a holistic sense, a space serving the body, mind, and soul of all patients, whether in need of treatment or well care.

The outbreak of covid-19 coincided with early planning discussions between the project design team and SHCC leadership. With it came a fresh sense of urgency and purpose. Covid-19 brought an additional level of complexity to the project vision: how could the project, in addition to meeting its original goals, also ensure a safe environment for all patients and providers in times of unprecedented healthcare needs?

The project incorporates a dedicated infectious unit with a separate exterior entrance and waiting area. Project engineers are working to ensure a design for air supply which keeps contaminated air separate from the rest of the building and exhausts all airflow, rather than recycle it through the system. Designers are working to ensure the interior is not just aesthetically pleasing but also able to stand up to extra-rigorous standards of cleaning and ease of maintenance.

The project’s exterior spaces have taken on a pivotal role in the design using the WELL building approach. Prior to the pandemic, exterior space was identified as the heart of the project, acting as a community-oriented hub and as a host for time spent outside either casually or as part of an event. The pandemic solidified the importance and potential for a large amount of programmable, flexible exterior space. 

A second story terrace, readily accessed from ground level via an open exterior stair and from the second-level interior spaces, allows the SHCC to host a variety of programming more safely out-of-doors. Additionally, ground level incorporates a terraced, landscaped entry sequence which provides even more usable exterior space, great for taking breaks, a moment of fresh air beneath the existing oak trees, or simply as a welcoming walk up to the main entry.

October 26, 2020No Comments

On the Boards: Alachua County Tax Collector New NW Branch

The Walker Team is currently in the documentation phase of the freshly designed Tax Collector branch, located on the north side of town on 34th Blvd. As we're adding the final details to the design, it's interesting to look back on the previous phases and see what held true throughout the design process and its evolution.

First up was the discovery phase, where we learned about who we're building for and their needs. The outbreak of COVID-19 posed us with an interesting challenge: We couldn't conduct our discovery interviews in person as usual. Instead, our team used online forms to get to know the user body, which allowed us to analyze the data in a new and exciting way.


Next up, we worked to understand the context of the building and where it would call home. Armed with our new familiarity with the user group, our teams worked together to design a solution that will function as intended from day one while providing flexibility for evolution over time.

Designing from the inside out, our team created a few massing options focusing on how a member of the community experiences the building. Careful attention to proportion and scale made this entry experience both intuitive and welcoming.

Our process brings us to today: refining the details and seeing it through. With a strong foundation (pun intended) of knowledge and direction established in the previous phases, every member of the project began to hone in on the specifics. We're dialing in on both exterior and interior finishes and furniture and technology as we draft every client discussion, every user preference, and every consultant coordination meeting into one holistic set of drawings.





September 23, 2020No Comments

UF Softball Stadium Featured on PAC-CLAD

PAC-CLAD, manufacturer of architectural metal roofing and cladding products, featured Katie Seashole Pressly Softball Stadium on their case study list this week. This case study details how we worked together with PAC-CLAD to develop a roofing solution that tied back to the university's existing campus architecture.

Check out their post to read a few words from one of our own, Joe Walker!

September 3, 2020No Comments

On The Boards: Norman Hall Ground Floor Renovation

Construction is underway at the ground floor of the Norman Library to transform the space into a fresh, functional home for the College of Education’s Institute for Advanced Learning Technologies.

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July 8, 2020No Comments

The Agile Workplace: Part Three

Agility, choice, flexibility - these qualities are only becoming increasingly relevant. In part 3 of our Agile Workplace series, we look at why choice is key to the satisfaction of the workforce.

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June 9, 2020No Comments

Focusing on Agility in the Post-COVID Workplace

As our world continuously changes, so too will the workplace. What feels safe now may be changing in the coming weeks and months.

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May 11, 2020No Comments

The Agile Workplace: Part 2

Part two of our series on the Agile Workplace looks side to side and back in time to contextualize the ideas behind the Agile Workplace.

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April 30, 2020No Comments

The Agile Workplace

We're kicking off the first of a three-part series on the concept of the "Agile Workplace" by unpacking the "why" behind the concept. Why are we working with these principles, anyway?

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April 3, 2020No Comments

To All Friends and Partners

To all friends and partners of the Walker Architects family...

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December 5, 2019No Comments

Breaking Ground: Infinite Energy

Infinite Energy founders Darin Cook and Rich Blaser purchased the first building on their Gainesville, FL campus more than 20 years ago. Now they're breaking ground to make way for a brand new, state-of-the-art facility, designed by none other than Walker Architects.

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