It's great! To be! Sustainably certified!

The Condron Family Ballpark (previously known as the Florida Ballpark) has been awarded 3 Green Globes! It is the first premier collegiate stadium in the United States to receive this certification. This is an outstanding success in resource efficiency, reducing environmental impacts, and improving the health and wellness of the users. 

Here are just a few of the ways the Condron Family Ballpark is sustainable:

  • UF has committed to the purchasing of Renewable Energy Certificates to offset energy consumption.
  • Materials for the building core and shell and interior fit-out are specified with EPD’s and/or third-party certifications.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations assist in the reduction of vehicle emissions.
  • Regularly occupied areas are furnished with occupancy sensors for lighting systems.

The team’s passion for sustainability was a driving force. The original project goal was a Two Globe certification, but the team went into extra innings to explore and implement additional measures to achieve Three Globes. 

This project exemplifies sustainability through careful collaboration, coordination, and a passion to do the right thing. Hundreds of thousands of people will visit the ballpark each year, allowing this project to serve as an ongoing example of sustainability to players, fans, and future generations.

Walker Architects is proud to be a part of such a transformative project along with our design partner, Populous. We know that The Condron Family Ballpark will be enjoyed by gators for generations to come!