Greenbuild, in partnership with USGBC, hosts the largest annual event for green building professionals worldwide, where attendees learn and source solutions to improve resilience, sustainability and quality of life in our buildings, cities and communities. 

This year’s event was held on September 21-23, 2021 in San Diego, and our Director of Sustainability, Iris Meeker, attended the event to keep abreast of the most pressing issues surrounding the green building movement and to further advance our commitment to sustainability.

This year's event included inspiring world class keynote speakers, accredited education opportunities, an expo floor showcasing cutting edge technologies, sustainability innovation, and networking opportunities. And equally as important, it provided a chance to connect with like minded professionals with a common mission to advance sustainable, accessible, equitable, and healthier living standards across the world. 

Highlights of Greenbuild 2021 topics included:

  • human health and wellbeing
  • resiliency
  • mitigate climate change
  • community and social equality
  • restore and protect our ecosystems
  • regenerative design 
  • building efficiency and performance


We believe that the future of the human race is interwoven with the future of our planet. The sustainable practices celebrated at Greenbuild help to remind us that our success as sustainability advocates and professionals is more than a movement, it is our social responsibility. That is why we will continue to ask the important questions, continue to learn, and continue our commitment to sustainability to ensure that we are always moving forward.