The Newell Gateway and Northeast Gateway projects achieved a remarkable milestone by receiving the SITES Gold level certification, setting a precedent for the University of Florida and the entire state. Led by GAI Consultants, the entire project team demonstrated an impressive commitment to sustainable landscape design, using the Sustainable SITES Initiative (SITES) as a guiding force.

SITES, a comprehensive framework for developing and managing sustainable landscapes, played a pivotal role in these gateway projects becoming examples of nature-positive design. Newell Gateway totaled 107 points and Northeast Gateway totaled 100 points in order to achieve the SITES Gold certification. This displays the dedication of the team to preserving and enhancing the natural environment. Notable efforts included tree preservation and relocation, repurposing existing materials, soil testing methodologies, and community engagement. These projects serve as a testament to the ability to create landscapes that promote biodiversity, resilience, and sustainable living, continuing Walker Architects' and the University of Florida's commitment to a greener future.