Episode Overview:

In the final episode of season one of Design for an Agile World, host Joe Walker is joined by Juli Mitchell, IIDA, LEED AP, a Principal at Walker Architects. Juli, an expert in agile design thinking for interior environments, reflects on her journey and how she became a part of the Walker Architect’s team.

Together, they explore the importance of tailoring physical spaces to individual needs and emphasize the role of design in crafting comfortable environments that prioritize people’s health and well-being.

They discuss the evolution of their design thinking, influenced by different cultures and ancient architecture. They also reflect on the podcast's influence, the impact of agile design methodology, and their dedication to refining design processes through diverse perspectives and feedback.

Key Takeaways:

People-Centric Design: The episode emphasizes the importance of people-centric design, highlighting the need to understand individual needs and adapt physical spaces accordingly. This approach prioritizes creating comfortable environments by considering factors such as temperature, sound, light, privacy, and functionality to enhance user experience.

Work Environment Dynamics: The impact of the environment on employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention is discussed, particularly in the context of post-COVID workspaces. The podcast delves into the challenges and benefits of remote work, stressing the significance of in-person collaboration and communication cues for mental well-being.

Continuous Improvement: Juli and Joe express interest in gathering feedback from occupants of the spaces they have designed to better understand how well the designs are working in practice. This emphasis on post-occupancy evaluation underscores Walker Architects’ commitment to continuously improving the effectiveness and impact of their designs.


  • 5:17 – Encourage collaboration and an evolving mindset effectively.
  • 7:20 - Physical attributes of work ecosystem in interior design
  • 12:20 – Payoff of the common workplace
  • 17:15 – Season 2 sneak peek
  • 18:47 – Reflections on past episodes
  • 28:41 – Juli’s main take-aways from season 1
  • 29:55 – Our diverse listeners take
  • 31:50 – Future guests we look forward to talking to.
  • 36:13 – Career options, focus on helping people

Follow Juli Mitchell, ID, LEED AP:

Over the course of her 10-year career, Juli has designed interiors for a wide range of projects, including student recreational spaces, educational facilities, resorts, hotels, restaurants, and mixed-use developments. She gained international experience as Design Director for Vihara Collective in Yangon, Myanmar, a start-up organization focused on sustainable architecture, agriculture, and hospitality as a humanitarian platform in Southeast Asia. Juli offers a deeper level of consideration for interior design, pushing Walker Architects’ designs of healthy and positive environments for a wide variety of user groups to a new level.

Website: https://walker-arch.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juli-mitchell-bab2161/

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