Episode Overview:

On this episode of Design for An Agile World, host Joe Walker is joined by Jim Carroll, AIA, LEED AP - Associate Vice Chancellor & University Architect of Design and Construction Management (DCM) at University of California Davis. They dive into the world of adaptive reuse and sustainable planning, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and partnership for future-proof design. They discuss the challenges of attracting talent in a changing workforce landscape and the need for skilled tradespeople.

Jim shares his experience transitioning from private practice to public service and managing a design and construction group at UC Davis. They explore the evolving nature of design, the complexities of decision-making, and the importance of trust and communication between owners and design professionals. Jim also highlights the importance of balancing practicality and perfectionism in the design process. They discuss the success of the Teaching and Learning Complex designed by Smith Group Inc. SHG Incorporated, and how a cohesive team and attention to critical design elements contributed to its achievement. Tune in to this episode for insights into the world of design and construction in an agile world.


  • 7:12 – Meeting Needs, attracting talent and the aging workforce
  • 17:13 – Pandemic accelerated online learning
  • 22:52 – Design professionals bring expertise
  • 27:22 – Successful design build process at UC Davis resulted in resilient and award-winning classroom building
  • 32:47 – Collaboration is key
  • 43:07 – Design considerations and challenges in construction
  • 46:34 – Engaging owner for long-term success

Connect with Jim Carroll, AIA, LEED AP

As Associate Vice Chancellor & University Architect of Design and Construction Management (DCM) at University of California Davis, Jim leads a highly-skilled team of 100 professionals, with the responsibility for management of the campus-wide building program, currently in excess of $1.5B. The team at DCM provides engineering planning, design services, integrated capital and space planning, real estate services, contract and construction management and stewardship for the nearly 1,300 buildings on the UC Davis campus and throughout California.

Jim is a member of the Association of University Architects, the Society for College and University Planning, and APPA: Leadership in Educational Facilities (formerly the Association of Physical Plant Administrators), as well as the American Institute of Architects. He is a LEED-accredited professional (LEED is the U.S. Green Building Council’s rating system, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimcarroll-ucdavis/

University of California Davis Design and Construction Management: https://dcm.ucdavis.edu/people/jim-carroll

Connect with Joe Walker

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/walker-arch