Episode Overview:

Join host Joe Walker on this episode of "Design for an Agile World" as he sits down with Roland Lemke AIA, LEED AP, Principal at CannonDesign - an architectural firm on a mission to make a positive impact on people, business, society, and the planet.

In this conversation, Roland discusses letting go of preconceptions in design and focusing on creating buildings that speak to the unique culture and story of every client we serve.

Listeners will hear about the evolution of Roland’s perception of architecture, the impact of buildings on people, and the significance of an agile mindset in design. They also talk about the importance of mentoring the next generation of architects and giving space for people to thrive, so that organizations as a whole can go bigger and do better.


  • 2:13 – A Conversation on Architecture and Design Thinking
  • 4:12 – Designing for Better People, Business, Society, and the Planet
  • 8:05 – The Importance of an Agile Mindset in Designing for Clients
  • 11:34 – Cultivating Talent and Building Successful Design Solutions
  • 17:19 – Mindset of a Design Professional
  • 21:54 – The Importance of Design and Expertise in Architecture Projects
  • 23:48 – Designing a Building Rooted in User Needs
  • 27:29 – Designing a Flexible Building to Accommodate Future Changes

Connect with Roland Lemke, AIA, LEED AP

Everything can be viewed as a design problem. Whether you’re engaging with a client team, building internal teams or strategizing a new opportunity, the optimal solution will likely be discovered through the design-thinking process. That’s Roland’s approach as a design principal and the leader of our D.C. office.

Roland joined CannonDesign 23 years ago, bringing a budding passion for student life. With expertise spanning athletic facilities, recreation centers, student unions and wellness hubs, Roland is an expert at designing spaces driven by programming. He has a passion for collaborating with clients to understand their needs and design drivers, then building a physical space that prioritizes functionality and looks great from the outside in and the inside out. Leveraging his knowledge of designing spaces integral to the student experience, Roland challenges his teams to be strong partners to clients eager to shape the campus of the future.

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