Episode Overview:

Ever wonder what happens when you mix innovative design with a pinch of architectural genius?

Joe Walker's conversation with Amy Donohue on Design for an Agile World offers a refreshing glimpse into the future of spaces where everyone belongs. Amy isn't just any architect; she's a trailblazer who has crafted concepts with Richard Meyer and Partners and sparked innovation at Nike, and now, she's infusing creativity into spaces at Bora Architecture and Interiors.

They shine a spotlight on the 717-seat Van Cliburn Concert Hall at Texas Christian University’s School of Music and how a shift in design philosophy elevated the level of student performance and led to a significant increase in admissions.

Amy's on a mission to change how we experience opera and symphony, making these arts not just accessible but irresistible to a variety of audiences. She's all about dialing down the distractions and opening the doors wide, especially for those with disabilities. Joe and Amy also peek into the future at the next wave of performance spaces, where justice in design isn't just a nice-to-have but a must-do.

Key Takeaways:

Key Takeaway 1: Inclusive Spaces for Performing Arts: Discover how Amy advocates for traditional performing arts spaces to attract and include diverse audiences – a shift towards more open, accessible, and engaging experiences.

Key Takeaway 2: People-Centric Design: Amy shares insights on how an agile design methodology that focuses on understanding the unique needs of users can create spaces that significantly improve engagement and learning outcomes.

Key Takeaway 3: Accessibility and Technology: Learn about the seamless integration of design strategies in educational settings that address the needs of individuals with physical disabilities, bringing equity to the learning experience with the aid of technology and thoughtful spatial planning.

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Principal, Bora Architecture & Interiors:

Amy is a respected design principal with the ability to create dynamic, engaging spaces for higher education, collaborative workplaces, and performing arts venues. Her expertise is informed by a deep understanding of interdisciplinary and synergistic 21st-century environments, resulting in a sophisticated body of work enabling people to learn and thrive together. Adept at working closely with clients to establish a design vision, she is a highly sought-after national presenter of innovative design for today’s academic spaces.

Amy’s design leadership has been influential to projects such as the University of Washington/Tsinghua University Global Innovation Exchange, the Oregon State University Learning Innovation Center, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Levy Hall, and a new campus for De La Salle North Catholic High School in Portland. She has also led numerous workplace projects for Google, Microsoft and Nike. Amy passionately champions equity in the industry and has been a tireless national advocate for paid family leave policy.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amydonohuepdx