Located on an island in the Svalbard archipelago between Norway and the North Pole, the Global Seed Vault is an insurance to preserve the diversity of human crops. The majority of the project is located under ground, carved more than 300' into a sandstone mountain, where the permafrost ensures cold temperatures for the huge depository of dormant seeds. A glacier-like entrance protrudes from the snow with an art installation by Norwegian artist Dyveke Sanne, with sheets of metal that reflect the midnight sun of the summer and glow green with fiber-optics in the long twilight of winter.

Photo Source: http://architectuul.com/architecture/view_image/svalbard-global-seed-vault/5439

Located in the northernmost region of Norway is the Steilneset Memorial, designed by Peter Zumthor and artist Louise Bourgeois. A silk cocoon, 400 feet long, is suspended from a wooden frame on the rugged edge of the sea. A small dark structure just beside the long line of pine and silk nests Bourgeois' vision of an endless fire kept lit in the space of smoky reflectivity.

Photo Source: https://www.archdaily.com/213222/steilneset-memorial-peter-zumthor-and-louise-bourgeois-photographed-by-andrew-meredith

We'll journey a long way south to arrive in Oslo, where Snøhetta's Opera House sits on the harbor like an anchored glacier. Though monolithic, the project seeks to be inviting as well: horizontal surfaces invite the public up and onto the architecture. The stark white marble surfaces of the icy exterior are in contrast to the warm, rounded wood spaces of the theater inside.

Photo Source: https://www.archdaily.com/440/oslo-opera-house-snohetta