Our Purpose
& Process

Make old spaces new,
new spaces timeless,
and think beyond
the limits of architecture.

Make old spaces new,
new spaces timeless,
and think beyond
the limits of architecture.


Design builds people

At Walker Architects, we’re known for active listening. We believe it takes time, effort, and a keen ear to understand your needs well enough to put forward a customized solution that truly works.
We create designs that enhance and heighten the experience of everyone who enters the space. This is our driving motivation.

Our Promise

People often come to us because they need a space that supports their business goals and the culture they’re trying to build.

At Walker Architects, we improve human potential and remove the architectural challenges that hold organizations back. Over the life of a building, you will spend over 100 times the initial construction cost on the people inside it. Improving their daily experience makes good business sense.

Hear What Our Clients
Have to Say

"Working with Walker Architects has been a transformative experience for us. They helped us think about our campus in new and exciting ways — far beyond anything we could have come up with on our own. After meeting with the design team, they managed to translate our core values of safety, impact, and respect into a gorgeous new space we can use to carry out our mission of ending homelessness in Alachua County."

Jon DeCarmine,
Executive Director

"Walker’s design process has enabled their team to be fully engaged. The opportunity to include users is fundamental to building a space that is tailored to their needs, and they appreciate that our process thrives and delivers on this."

John Power
Alachua County Tax Collector

"I believe that if Walker Architects hadn’t been the design team, the house may not have gotten built, and if it were built, it would have been late and possibly much more over budget. Your professionalism, willingness to tackle some very challenging and difficult problems, and ethical standard were greatly valued by me."

Lohse Beeland
Alpha Delta Pi

"I was delighted with how beautiful I (and we all) think the new building turned out. I went in all by myself the evening before the move-in started and just stood in all the areas taking in the view and giving thanks for all the talent that went into the creation of such a fabulous place."

Betty Petty

"It was an absolute joy to work with each of you. Thanks to your exceptional talents, this expansion is a huge success. Students comment all the time on how beautiful the space is. Your attention to design and function and detail does not go unnoticed. Thanks to you, we’re able to feed even more hungry students and staff on our campus."

Ambre Hobson
UF Division of Student Affairs
Hitchcock Field & Fork Food Pantry

"The faculty and students are thrilled. I couldn’t be more pleased with how this turned out and thank each of you for your part in making my vision come true."

Anna McDaniel
UF College of Nursing


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Our Process

We believe in the team approach and collaborate with owners, user groups and other professionals to deliver projects that work.

Our Process

The most important quality in a design lead is the ability to communicate across many different disciplines and achieve consensus.