September 22, 2022No Comments

Florida Ballpark is the first of its kind to receive 3 Green Globe certifications

The Condron Family Ballpark (previously known as the Florida Ballpark) has been awarded 3 Green Globes! It is the first premier collegiate stadium in the United States to receive this certification.

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August 25, 2022No Comments

Walker Architect’s Team Members Achieve WELL Accreditation

We are proud to announce that two of our own Walker Architects team members are now WELL Accredited Professionals! Iris Meeker (Director of Sustainability) and Samantha Ramos (Project Coordinator) earned their WELL Accredited Professional™ (WELL AP™) credential through the International WELL Building Institute. They have become experts in the WELL Building Standard™ and are committed to advancing human health and wellness in the built environment. 

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August 10, 2022No Comments

Walker Architects receives the “JUST” Label Recognizing Firm’s Culture and Processes

Walker Architects is proud to have achieved a JUST label! For us, this label signifies our ongoing commitment as a company that embraces integrity, quality, empathy, passion, collaboration, and passion in all we do.

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July 27, 2022No Comments

Reflections on NeoCon 2022

We were excited to attend NeoCon!

What is NeoCon, you ask? One of our interior designers, Taylor, describes it as “an expo for interior manufacturers of furniture, materials, and finishes. Basically, the fashion week for interior designers.”

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October 7, 2021No Comments

Walker Architects attends Greenbuild 2021

Greenbuild, in partnership with USGBC, hosts the largest annual event for green building professionals worldwide, where attendees learn and source solutions to improve resilience, sustainability and quality of life in our buildings, cities and communities. 

This year’s event was held on September 21-23, 2021 in San Diego, and our Director of Sustainability, Iris Meeker, attended the event to keep abreast of the most pressing issues surrounding the green building movement and to further advance our commitment to sustainability.

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September 23, 2021No Comments

Designing for Wellness

Most people spend up to ninety percent of their lives indoors. With that in mind, we believe that design to promote human wellness is critical.
A building designed for occupant wellness can include features like biophilic elements, ergonomic work areas, healthy building materials, and acoustically sensitive and agile spaces that support healthy choices by the end-user. All of these design elements work together to make us healthier and happier.
We believe in designing people-centered spaces by asking the right questions:

  • How can the design encourage a healthy lifestyle?
  • How can the space provide for greater occupant comfort and well-being?
  • How can the space feel welcoming and inclusive for all?
  • How can design connect people with place and nature?
  • What materials can support a healthy environment?

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August 20, 2021No Comments

How Higher Education spaces can support the collegiate shift toward conversations

We are a firm who actively listens — and what we’ve heard from our clients is that outdated collegiate spaces are getting in the way of progress. Hundreds of higher education projects over the last decade have taught us that spaces are constantly challenged with evolving needs. The architecture that supported innovation in the classroom of yesterday might stand in the way of progress today. While we can’t anticipate every trend, we can design spaces to be ready to support organizations as they adapt and grow.

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June 16, 2021No Comments

On The Boards: GRACE

What does ending homelessness in Alachua County look like? 

GRACE provides services that make a difference. Since 2014, they’ve reduced homelessness in Alachua County by 47% by moving more than 1,700 people into permanent housing. They reached out to us with a simple need: to serve more people with the only resource that can actually end homelessness: housing.

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April 22, 2021No Comments

The Walker Architects team considers environmental stewardship an integral piece of our overall design philosophy and culture.

As environmental concern continues to grow both nationally and globally amid the current climate crisis, Walker Architects understands the critical importance of designing for a sustainable future.

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May 11, 2020No Comments

The Agile Workplace: Part 2

Part two of our series on the Agile Workplace looks side to side and back in time to contextualize the ideas behind the Agile Workplace.

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August 29, 2018No Comments

Spatial Design Exploration in Architecture

The site, the aesthetic fabric of the environment, the visibility and symbolism… each inform the placement of building elements, arrangement of communicating spaces, alignment of interior functions, and the use of light to affect the development of the three-dimensional massing.

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