What We Do

Walker Architects, Inc. is accustomed to tight budgets and fast-tracked schedules, and we are prepared to offer an intensely collaborative process. The most important quality in a design lead is the ability to communicate across many different disciplines and achieve consensus. We are well versed in all facets of design and construction and are comfortable in all of the various settings from construction site visits to executive committee and community outreach presentations. We believe our unique ability to understand how buildings go together from the most detailed components to the broad scope and our commitment to serve as a liaison between all the players and an advocate for the owners and user sets us apart.

New Construction
The designers and project managers at Walker Architects have completed many new construction projects, large and small. We understand the intricacies of various building types including historic wood frame, modern concrete and steel, and pre-engineered metal buildings. We have also designed and managed numerous projects which required specialty structures such as greenhouses and low rise laboratories. Walker Architects expertly manages each phase of design following its charette process, delivers complete document packages on schedule, and oversees completion of the construction to provide perfect new spaces for its clients.

Renovation of Older Facilities
The ultimate objective in any renovation is to make the resulting space as organic as possible and enhance the existing design. The most important element when dealing with any older structure is understanding the existing conditions. Walker Architects performs a full existing conditions analysis, including detailed field surveys and code research. This analysis informs us of potential impacts to adjacent spaces and other design constraints.

Roofing and Fenestration
Roofing is a critical part of any building. Breaches, incorrect drainage design, or incorrect installation can wreak havoc on the rest of the structure and the building’s interior. Our team has an extensive track record of reconditioning buildings to provide weatherproofing and aesthetic upgrades. We are intimately familiar with what it takes to recondition the historic building envelope, replace windows, replace all types of commercial roofing systems, and provide construction administration.

Sustainable Design
Walker Architects considers environmental stewardship an integral piece of our overall design philosophy.  We have been early adopters of and, in fact, served on teams who pioneered LEED concepts at several state universities and colleges including Santa Fe College, University of North Florida, Florida State University, University of South Florida and University of Central Florida.  With proven track records as LEED Administrators,  we understand the implications each prerequisite has on design, cost and construction.